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The #1 reason why someone leaves a job is because they don’t have a good relationship with their boss. This happens at all levels in the company.

Today I want to discuss a key element in how to be a kind and compassionate leader so you can win with your employees more! 😊 And also help with the employees and the leaders in an effort to more workplace satisfaction.

This information really stood out to me, and I wanted to share with you what I reviewed in a Forbes article, where they cited 5 qualities employees want in a leader:

  1. Unimpeachable Integrity
  2. Infectious Passion
  3. The Ability to Adapt to Their Team
  4. The Willingness to Give Credit Where It’s Due
  5. The Ability to Listen, Genuinely

Let’s focus on the ability to listen for a bit.

Despite being a priority for 88% of surveyed employees, only 60% of those employees felt their current leader or boss exhibited that trait of listening. This is almost a 30% gap of what employees are wanting versus what they are actually getting from their boss with respect to listening.

So how can you, as a leader, work to close this gap? Perhaps showcasing kindness and compassionate, by the way of listening can help.

I delve more into the power of listening on this episode of Today’s Top Leaders Live.

Grateful for this book review which highlighted that they found helpful examples on listening and communication in Call for Compassion.

In the Call for Compassion book, there’s an entire chapter dedicated to communication as a key principle to developing more compassion and collaboration in your workplace. I give specific examples of how to listen better in the book as well.

Paperback and e-Reader options of Call for Compassion are available on Amazon today!

What is one way you have experienced someone genuinely listening?