There’s always seasons to everything.  And for me the season has come where Career Central the Podcast will come to an end.  Please click here to listen to my final podcast about how God teaches us the power seasonality and why we can rely on our relationship with Him as we prepare for our next phase of life and career.  

Going through cancer and undergoing chemo quickly helped me determine what I need to cut out in my life and the things I need to continue with.  During this time, I spent some time pondering what it is that I want to do professionally. And while I was going through chemo, there was this little whisper from the Holy Ghost, telling my heart that I was going to be doing something different.  I realized I wanted to go back to working with teams again, which eventually lead to me consulting with companies again. 

I’m on a mission to help you working Christian moms build great careers.  However, I’m going to pivot a bit and start talking to top leaders in corporations.  I believe these interviews will lead to helpful information to provide more career development insight, but without the God aspect in it. Not that I’m going to shy away from having conversation about God or Christian elements. It’s just not going to be so overtly. My relationship with God is important to me, so that part of me will always be there. However, there’s still going to be a lot of awesome, very solid, interesting information about career development in my new podcast called Today’s Top Leaders.  The new podcast will launch in February and I hope that you continue to stick with me, and we’ll see what happens with all these wonderful interviews that are sure to come. But for now, please click here to listen to the last podcast episode of Career Central the Podcast.  

Please see below for the transcript. 

[00:00:00] Hello, all you beautiful mamas. I am coach Jen and welcome to career central, the podcast. This is a place for career advice for working Christian moms. Hey, I know you’re busy. You’ve got a lot going on with your day job and you were busy with your church congregation and then add the bomb element and no wonder life could be nuts, right?  


[00:00:24] Hey, as your career coach, I know firsthand how busy life could be. And yet through the busy, there are beautiful moments where we see the hand of God in all areas of our lives. So mamas let’s talk, let’s get into the details, what it takes to build a great career and also embrace Christianity about life.  


[00:00:47] And that’s what I’m here for with career central, I’m on a mission to help you, you working Christian bonds built great careers without mom guilt. So on today’s episode, I want to let you know that there are changes coming to my podcast. So starting in February, I will have a new podcast called today’s top leaders.  


[00:01:10] I’ll be interviewing top leaders who have been nominated by maybe an employee, former coworker, somebody in their life. And so what these nominations, I’m very excited because this, it means I’m going to be interviewing some very interesting people. And the whole idea is to gather helpful information from these conversations to give even more career development insights.  


[00:01:36] And I’ve even already started interviewing some leaders and even just the first batch of interviews I’ve done is phenomenal. I’m so excited to share this with you on today’s top leaders. So before we move on to today’s top leaders, Let me just wrap things up for you here on career central, which has really been geared towards working Christian moms, right?  


[00:01:56] So I’ve been giving you all these wonderful bits of advice and whatnot to help you in your career. And also adding in the God element too, which is really kind of nice. But, uh, going forward, the whole Christian aspect is, is not going to be there, but there’s still going to be a lot of awesome, very solid, really interesting information about career development.  


[00:02:16] So I think you’re really going to continue to enjoy it. So let’s just kind of wrap things up a little bit here on career central. So as always, I love to share a scripture with you. So the scripture I want to share with you today is from Ecclesiastes. These three verses one through eight, and it is to everything.  


[00:02:35] There is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven, a time to be born. And the time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that, which is planted it time to kill and a time to heal a time to break down and a time to build up a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.  


[00:03:02] It time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing a time to get and a time to lose a time to keep and a time to cast away a time to rent and a time to sow a time to keep silence and a time to speak. Hey, time to love and a time to hate a time of war and a time of peace.  


[00:03:33] I love that scripture. I’ve that set of scriptures, I should say, has been near and dear to my heart as different things have come and gone in my life. So many times there’s things that end and I’m kind of left scratching my head thinking, Oh, why did it end what’s going on? And other times where I knew it was, it was right for the beginning of something else.  


[00:03:51] And. I felt all the nervousness about that and all that kind of anxiety of, Oh, here we go. And you know, what’s interesting though, is that there’s [00:04:00] always seasons to everything. Even if you live in some places where it doesn’t seem like there’s seasons. In fact, earlier today I was on a call with some people who were in different parts of the world.  


[00:04:10] One gal was calling in from South Africa. And she was mentioning how they never have snow in this part of the area. It’s always pretty mildThere’s a few bits of time in the year where drops really cold. But for the most part, it’s this pretty moderate temperature and that’s not where I live. And when I live in Utah, we have snow on the ground in the winter and really, really hot in the summer.  


[00:04:29] And, you know, so what’s interesting is that the seasonality of things in our lives and how we see that and how it impacts us. And for me, The season has come. That career central podcast is going to come to an end. Let me tell you a little bit more about how this is all happening. So. As, you know, as you’ve heard from some of my different podcast episodes, I had six months of chemo last year.  


[00:04:52] And I’ll tell you what, if you want to find out what’s essential in your life and who want to narrow down in a hurry, what you really want to [00:05:00] focus your time on. Yeah, go through cancer. It will help you in a heartbeat to see how quickly the things that you need to let go of and the things that you need to continue to do in your life.  


[00:05:10] And that definitely happened as colon cancer showed up for me. And while I was going through chemo now, there were definitely days where I was completely out of it. I was being fused with chemotherapy, drugs, and all those crazy medicines where I wasn’t thinking about a whole lot, other than. Sleeping for days.  


[00:05:28] But on other days where I was really awake and alert and paying attention, I definitely spent some time pondering on what it is that I want to do professionally. And the reason why is because while I was going through chemo, there was this little whisper from the Holy ghost, telling my heart that I was going to be doing something different.  


[00:05:46] And yet the time wasn’t there, right? So the season was just to chill out and let the chemo do what it needs to do, which by the way, it did a really good job and I’m on the up and up. I’m not considered cancer-free yet, but I’m doing really good. And today I will [00:06:00] take really good. That feels awesome. But one of the things that I noticed.  


[00:06:04] Because I have this really significant impression that I would be working with teams again. And so, as I came out of chemo and whatnot, I started exploring working with teams. And I even looked at getting a full-time job with companies as well. You know, something like a director of human resources or a director of learning in a company, something like that.  


[00:06:23] And while none of those things came together, what did happen is I started consulting with companies again, and this is something that I’ve done for years. And I’ll tell you what. It felt so good doing that type of work. Again, I love consulting with companies which allows me to do career coaching for their employees and their leaders.  


[00:06:40] Love, love, love it. And so it’s been nice to embrace that again. And so as I’m doing more of that, that’s why I decided it makes a lot of sense for me to pivot my podcast where I’ll still be talking quite a bit about career development stuff, but I’m so excited to invite really interesting people to come and be on the podcast with me.  


[00:06:59] And that’s [00:07:00] why I’m calling it. Today’s top leaders. And, um, it so will be more career advice, but getting that from those top leaders. So it’s not going to be a podcast for, for example, like entrepreneurs to learn how to run their business, or for someone who’s a CEO and how to run a business. And that’s not what it’s about.  


[00:07:16] It will be more geared towards people who really work in corporate America and for people in that space who want to build an awesome career. So that’s what we’re going to be focusing on in the new podcast. And so. Here I am. I’m, you know, I’m at the season of, or at the end of the season, I should say, uh, focusing on career development for working Christian moms.  


[00:07:37] And as it comes to a close, I realized that it really doesn’t come to a close because I invite you to continue to listen to today’s top leaders, because we’re still going to be getting into some really awesome juicy career advice. So absolutely be there. But it just won’t have the overt Christian elements to it as well.  


[00:07:55] For example, I won’t be quoting scripture typically. I don’t think that’ll happen. So it’ll be a bit different that [00:08:00] way. And yet the core stuff I’ve been providing for the really good juicy stuff on career development will absolutely be there to support you. And so I just want you to know again, that. As I’m moving forward, I’m not going anywhere, right?  


[00:08:15] It’s not like I’m disappeared and gone to the moon or something like that. I will still be around. You can still connect with me on social media. Probably the easiest ways to find me is if you just look under career, coach Jen, or if you come to career, coach it’ll have links to my different social media so we can still stay connected and whatnot.  


[00:08:32] And then of course, if you need something, you’re always welcome to message me, right. Not that I’m going to shy away from having conversation about God or Christian elements. It’s just not going to be so overtly. Hey, I’m talking to the working Christian moms, right? And so those things are always a part of me.  


[00:08:46] It’s always in my life and it’s always surrounding me. It’s it’s part of who I am undoubtedly. So in typical career central fashion, I want to end this episode with a  


[00:09:00] quote from the 3:00 AM with God journal, which is. When your will is God’s will, you will have your will. And that’s from Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  


[00:09:12] And I love that scripture because for me, I knew that it was God’s will that I had cancer and that I go through chemo. And while that might seem like, why am I smiling through this? Like seriously, like, wow. You know, isn’t that hard. However, I knew it was the right thing. And I knew that God knew that I knew it.  


[00:09:34] So I was okay to go with it and just chill out and let it be. And now here, I’m on the other side and I’m very strong, very healthy. My relationship with my husband is stronger. My relationship with God and my savior is stronger. My relationship with my community at large is stronger. And I’m just so much more clear and dialed in on those key things that I want to spend my time on.  


[00:09:56] So from the sensuality standpoint, right? Like I said, if you [00:10:00] want to quickly learn what you need to let go of, get something majored in your life like cancer, it’s going to force you to stop and say, okay, what I want to keep doing? What do I need to say no to? So I can say yes to the right things. And so that’s where I’m at.  


[00:10:11] And I’m grateful for that. I’m very, very grateful to be in this place right now, and to see the end of that season and welcome to the new season. And I hope that you continue to stick with me and we’ll see what happens with all these wonderful interviews that are sure to come. And like I said, I’ve already interviewed some people and they’re phenomenal.  


[00:10:28] I’m so excited to share with you, but again, got to let everything come together in its own season. So it’s coming together and it’ll be out there soon. Mamas. Thank you so very much for being in my life. Thank you for joining me here on career central. I have really truly enjoyed sharing career development insights with you, and I hope that you’ve learned some really great things that can help you as you’re growing your career.  


[00:10:53] And I wish you all the best. Thanks again. And I will see you around and I wish you much, [00:11:00] much joy into your successful and inspired career.