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I was talking to two guys while commuting on the train. One was the manager of the other. We were discussing the benefits of attending BYU Management Society networking events because of taking the opportunity to hear from interesting speakers about morals and ethics.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve talked to these guys about joining me for the monthly BYUMS luncheons. I see them often on the train, so we chat about a variety of things. Because I love being part of the BYUMS, I bring it up in casual conversations all the time. It’s top of mind for me. Do you have an organization you’re associated with that you bring up often with other people?15043829_1826738530874045_3314586284214714368_n

If you don’t have a group that you love being associated with, I encourage you to find something that really gets your juices flowing! It feels amazing to be connected with other people for a good cause!

How do you go about finding an organization you love to be associated with? Here are some points to consider:
1. Write out a list of all the interests you have. Hobbies, sports, community, professional interests, etc.
2. Consider your schedule and when you’d create time to participate.
3. Find a buddy to join you and go together – someone holding you accountable to attend makes a big difference.
4. Just go! You don’t have to worry about signing up for a lifetime commitment. Just plan to11333600_468193423346565_1432698763_n attend a few times and see how your heart responds.

Ultimately, it takes time to develop a relationship with any thing, so give yourself some time to check out what really speaks to your heart. I’ve been involved with the BYUMS for over 7 years, I’ve served on the board most of those years, I’ve met more cool and interesting people through it than anything else I do. That’s why I love it! Give yourself an opportunity to find something that resonates with your heart… Then you, too, just might find yourself chatting to commuters about a cool association.