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On to a new month already!

Yikes! It is February ALREADY! Where has the first month of the year gone already??

As you’re thinking about your career goals, make sure to keep them top of mind so that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish in 2018.

One way I keep myself on track is to make sure to break down my bigger goal into smaller monthly and weekly goals. For example, I have the goal of publishing my first career book this year. I can’t just have the goal of “publish book” on my to-do list because there is way too much to consider in getting something published so my brain can’t think clearly as to what needs to happen today in order to get the book in my hands.

Instead, I focus on what I can accomplish in a month and then break it down into weekly goals. I have an accountability partner – who is writing his book about how to create an app – and we have a weekly phone call with each other to make sure that we’re accomplishing what we need to do each week. It’s embarrassing to show up to the call without having the weekly goal finished – plus I have $100 on the line if I don’t finish the goal – so I do everything in my power to make sure that I accomplish the smaller weekly goals.

The cool thing is that by making the goals smaller, it’s easier to accomplish and move toward the overall bigger goal. Feels great to see the goal coming to completion too!

As you’re thinking about your big career goal for 2018, take a moment to think about how you can break up your bigger goal into smaller monthly (and weekly) goals. It’s much easier to accomplish and you have an opportunity to see the progress that you want in your career.

If you need help with determining your career goal, or accomplishing the goal, I’m here to help. Book a career coaching session to help you succeed!