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Megan Burt joined me on Career Central – The Podcast to talk about “Embracing New Opportunities While Staying Focused on Your Career”.

Megan Burt is a busy wife and mother of two who recently completed an MBA from Brigham Young University. With over 20 years’ experience in management, Megan has worked for large corporations, small businesses, and for the past six years, a global non-profit religious organization. Currently, her responsibilities include providing food to those in need at over 110 physical locations and over 400 delivery sites in the US and Canada. She has traveled to Africa, Brazil, Mexico, India and the Middle East, and her passions and interests include creating art, the outdoors, restorative yoga and finding new ways to challenge herself to “keep moving forward.”

During the podcast, Megan and I talked about how we met because of a paperclip. Basically, what happened is that she had posted a paperclip on Instagram that she wanted to exchange for something else. I saw the post on Instagram and thought to myself “I love that paperclip! I don’t know who Megan is in real life, but maybe she’d like a book mark that I have.” So, I messaged her and I got the paperclip, she got the bookmark and then she kept swapping the items until she ended up with a piano!

See the images below of how she started with a paperclip… and went on to other really cool things!

Makes me want to do my own paperclip challenge! But, I am NOT giving up the paperclip I got from Megan, I use it in my journal now and I love that blue smiley little face!

Listen to the podcast to hear more about the paperclip challenge and how Megan is listening to God in her career journey. Thanks again, Megan, for joining me on Career Central – The Podcast!