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Truly who has time for meetings that aren’t helpful, productive and meaningful anymore??

I’ve recently held some masterclasses about 1:1 Meeting Success. These Masterclasses are for leaders to better know how to conduct effective 1:1 Meetings…

It’s great to hear the feedback from attendees of these Masterclasses because they are getting actionable ideas to make a difference immediately.

Masterclass for How Leaders Can Have More Effective 1:1 Meetings!

Come join this live class and learn:

  • The solution to never-ending, repetitive 1:1 meetings that don’t result in ACTION
  • How outstanding 1:1 meetings are the simplest way to retain the right employees and reduce turnover
  • The top 5 questions to ask to truly understand your team members
  • Steps to build mutual trust for greater productivity + less follow up
  • Navigate more impactful conversations in less time

Hi, I’m Jen Anderson, Leadership and Personal Brand Expert, helping leaders around the world create a thriving career and life. I love helping leaders connect with their employees to breakthrough so individuals and teams can achieve their most pressing goals and dreams!

The foundation of your success as a leader is hands down your ability to connect with your people… or in other words your workplace relationships, interactions, communication abilities, etc. What you do to connect with your people at work will make a profound difference today and in the long haul.

I’m offering you the opportunity to uplevel your leadership skills to help you be the leader that everyone wants to work for.

Your Ability to Connect is the #1 Way to Influence Team Members!

Imagine your ability to connect as your magic key … a key to open doors that will literally transform your workplace relationships and outcomes.

YOU are your most valuable investment and up-leveling your leadership skills brings great rewards and positive outcomes to every area of your life.

I’d like to be your coach and share what I’ve been helping others successfully accomplish in developing better relationships with their team members.

Join this POWERFUL masterclass experience which includes the following…


  • 60-minute live Zoom with me. You get to choose the time that best works for your schedule. See the options listed below.
  • You will own the recording for life for your own review as often as you’d like.
  • Custom course documents to support your application of the principles learned.
  • Q&A Session. Bring your specific questions!

Who benefits from more effective 1:1 Meetings?

  1. The leaders
  2. Their direct reports
  3. Customers
  4. Vendors
  5. Do
  6. You
  7. See
  8. Where
  9. This
  10. Is
  11. Headed??

More 1:1 Meeting Success Masterclass options available for you on the following dates:

Click here to get all the detailsfor this one-hour Masterclass where you’ll join me live and learn some great information on how to improve your one-on-one meetings and develop better relationships with your team members.

I’m stoked for you and your employees to have better 1:1 Meetings – see you in class!