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In Episode 8  and 9 of Today’s Top Leaders IJen Anderson CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, interviews Earl Foote, founder, and CEO of Nexus IT Consultants. 

He is also the co-founder of Elevate International, a passion project about offering adventures, retreats, and humanitarian service opportunities to leaders. 

Earl was nominated as a guest by Linda Rawson, founder of DynaGrace Enterprises. Here’s what Linda had to say about Earl:

“I respect great IT leaders in the community. And I have noticed Earl, and I got the opportunity to be in a little mini mastermind with Earl. And what a wealth of experience he has. And in particular, he’s now started his cybersecurity business. And he doesn’t do anything halfway. Everything he does is so professional and just as hard as he can. And he has become one of the most knowledgeable people in cybersecurity; I feel like in the Salt Lake Valley.

Meanwhile, he also plays in a band, and he has a personality. So I feel like he’s well-rounded and just super fun. And I’m sure that St Patrick’s Day is one of his favorite holidays because he looks Irish. So I think he’s just a great pillar in the community and has a lot to offer as far as knowledge and balance. Being able to have a little bit of fun while you work.”

Who is Earl Foote?

Earl is a serial entrepreneur with a massive itch to see and experience the world, its cultures, people, and food. In 2019 alone, Earl visited 14 business and personal trips worldwide from Vancouver, British Columbia to Costa Rica, Spain, Iceland, and Dubai.

As a co-founder of Elevate International, a project that’s passionate about offering adventures, retreats, and humanitarian service opportunities to leaders, he shares his wanderlust for seeing the world bless the lives of at-risk children. Earl brings an open and abundance-minded, fun loving nature to those around him. 

His life passions and pastimes include skiing, biking, camping, backpacking, and music. Although he spends much of his time in the great outdoors, he draws his greatest joy in life, spending quality time with his family, friends, and loved ones and playing and performing music with his band.

Earl strives to make a positive impact in the world and the lives of those that surround him. This includes his team at his primary venture, Nexus IT, an IT company he founded 22 years ago to provide IT support and solutions so outstanding they enable business leaders to focus on their business and forget about technology’s intricacies.

 Although technology can be a major source of frustration for people, Earl and his team, enjoy tinkering around with the latest advancements to find new ways to improve operational efficiencies. Earl and his team’s warm, refreshing vibe tend to make clients feel more at ease with their technology. 

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