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I can hear you saying in your mind, “Dream about the job you want? Seriously, Jen?”

Yes! Really! I mean it! Dream away! And here is why I want you to dream about the job you want…

Too often we get ourselves stuck during the job search because we are over THINKING the job search with our conscientious part of our brains… You know all the things about a job search:

  • Resume
  • Interviews
  • Job offer negotiation
  • Social media
  • Clothes

The list can go on and on! So, what happens to you as a job seeker is that you get sucked into rabbit holes of over thinking that make it difficult for you to enjoy the job search process.

I did just say “enjoy”. Yes, I do think that you can literally enjoy doing a job search because there is much to grow and learn from the experience, the people, the companies… The whole job search can be an amazing opportunity for personal growth and development, if you have the right mindset. Plus, it can often lead to a really cool new job or maybe even a career pivot. 

So, in order to get past the over thinking in the job search, I invite you to take some time to dream about what you really want in your next job. Let your mind wander and really ponder on what would be awesome for your next job.

Dream about what you want. And then, believe it really deeply. On this YouTube video, I share more thoughts about dreaming about your job search.

By the way, I’m not suggesting that you waste your life day-dreaming about what could be, rather I’m suggesting that you take some time to allow yourself to really see in your mind what you want accomplish with your job search by visualizing your ideal next job. Too often people don’t really think through what they truly and deeply want with their new job. Not being clear about what you really want can lead to not getting what you really want with the next pivot in your career. I have seen many job seekers take jobs that were not aligned with their personal brand and what they wanted for their career, and in the end they were more unhappy with a dissatisfying job change.

Avoid a poor job change choice by first allowing yourself to dream about what you really want for your next job. See it clearly. Then believe it can be. Have gratitude for it. Then, follow God’s promptings on whatever comes next. 

Dream! Believe! Achieve!