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Cookies are a fun treat for your team!

Craisin and macadamia nut cookies… always a hit!

Recently I heard about a team that takes turns with a “treat share”. Every week, a different co-worker takes a turn to bring treats for their team. The rotation is once every six weeks – as there are only six people on the team.

This could be a cool tradition and opportunity to show some lovin’ to the co-workers, but not for this team. Unfortunately, most of the coworkers bring lame treats… Or, not enough treats for everyone.

For example, one co-worker brought in a box of opened crackers from his house. Another co-worker repeatedly forgets, even though she’s reminded each time it’s her turn. Ironically, she’s always enjoying the treats that others bring! So, a fun opportunity to enjoy a “treat share” has turned into a challenging mess for the team to support each other.

When it comes to buying the treats, I’m not saying to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on some snacks. But, think about how your co-workers perceive you when you skimp on the treats. Don’t be “that guy” that skimps all the time!

Your team may not have an official “treat share” program, but you can still treat your co-workers to something fun once in awhile. Here are some suggestions on how-to look awesome when bringing treats into the office and improve your reputation with your co-workers:

  1. Bring more than enough. If there are 12 people on your team, bring enough for each person to have 3 items. So, don’t bring one dozen of cookies, bring 3 dozen.
  2. Bring a variety. If you’re bringing 3 dozen cookies, bring 3 different types: oatmeal, snicker doodle, and chocolate chip.
  3. Bring a healthy alternative. Bring a container of strawberries as one of your 3 options. For those who are watching their weight, or can’t eat sugar/gluten, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  4. Pay attention to what types of treats people like. Does the salsa and chips get gobbled down faster than anything else? Does the bag of black licorice go uneaten all day?
  5. Do it. Even if there isn’t a company mandated treat rotation, once in a while bring something to share. Your co-workers (and bosses) will take notice of your random act of kindness.

Most importantly, bringing the right treats and in good portion sizes will be a great way to contribute to your teams day. Besides, generosity and commitment to the team is definitely good for building your reputation among the people who can make – or break – your career. 

What is your favorite treat to bring to the office?