Wouldn’t it be great to have a career plan that works for YOU.  Well on Career Central – The Podcast, I shared some tips on how you can go about creating time within your busy schedule to help you focus on intentional career planning. 

First, I would like to share the following scripture verse with you: 

Proverbs 24:27 

Prepare thy work without and make it fit for thyself in the field; 

and afterwards build thine house; 

This scripture verse is basically saying focus on the things outside your house, and separately focus on the things going on inside of your house.  You need to compartmentalize, because let’s face it, as working moms everything needs attention.  But we need to focus on one thing, then go onto the next.  And in order to do this, especially if you have young kids at home that needs your love and attention, you need to plan time for yourself, uninterrupted. If you need to send the kids to daycare or to a family/friends house, then do so.   

Think about it, if you want to work on your career plan it’s not reasonable to think you can effectively multitask by for example, preparing and cooking a meal and while at the same time you’re trying to also focus on your career plan.  You must set clear boundaries.  Prepare and cook the meal, then at another, uninterrupted time, focus on your career plan. It’s necessary because if you don’t then by the end of the year you are going to be upset that you are in the same place and I don’t want to see that happen for you.  

So here are some keys things you need to do for your career planning: 

  • Acknowledge your career – don’t advocate responsibility 
  • Be intentional 
  • Be clear on your brand 
  • Have a grateful heart throughout all of this.  Check in with God. 

There are a few others in which I explain more in depth therefore please click here for the full podcast or read below for the full transcript of the podcast episode.  


[00:00:00] Hello, all you beautiful mamas. I am career coach Jen, and welcome to career central. The podcast. This is a place for career advice for working Christian moms. Hey, I know you’re busy. You’ve got a lot going on with your day job and you were busy with your church congregation and then add the bomb element and no wonder life could be nuts, right?  


[00:00:24] Hey, as your career coach, I know firsthand how busy life can be. And yet through the busy, they’re all beautiful moments where we see the hand of God in all areas of our lives. So mamas let’s talk, let’s get into the details, what it takes to build a great career and also embrace Christianity about life.  


[00:00:47] And that’s what I’m here for with career central, I’m on a mission to help you, you working Christian bonds built great careers without mom guilt. [00:01:00] So I wanted to share with you some direction for career planning with this new year that is here, right? Like it’s kind of a big opportunity to say, all right.  


[00:01:10] A new year. What is it that I want to accomplish with my career now? And so I’ve got some different things I want to get into to help you with this. So, first of all, in the scriptures, I love this scripture from Proverbs who doesn’t love Proverbs. Right? So good. So Proverbs chapter 24 verse 27 says prepare that work without and make it fit for thy self in the field.  


[00:01:35] And afterwards build fine house. So the reason why I’m particularly attracted to this scripture in this idea about giving you some direction for doing your career planning is that I think it’s really important to stop and recognize that there’s some different things going on in your life. So for example, in the scripture where it’s talking about prepare thy work without and make it fit for myself in the [00:02:00] field, And afterwards build line house.  


[00:02:04] So what they’re basically saying here in the scripture is, Hey, focus on the stuff outside of your house and then separately focus on what’s going on inside of your house. And so it’s kind of a cool idea to stop and think about compartmentalizing planning and direction and whatnot, right. And I think that’s really helpful too, because sometimes as working moms, it’s all the things, rightly all this stuff.  


[00:02:31] What am I doing? All these things that need to do tension. And instead it’s like, no, stop. Just focus on one thing for a minute, get that taken care of and then go and focus on another thing instead, then that way you don’t have to be like, okay, every, all the plates spinning at the same time. And so in order to do that, this is some of the stuff I want to get into as far as giving you some direction.  


[00:02:56] I think it’s really important to recognize that if you have [00:03:00] kids at home, especially young kids need your attention. And I write in that bucket, I’ve got a five-year-old and when she’s home, she needs love and attention. I can only put her on like YouTube or television for so long before. It’s just, it’s not healthy.  


[00:03:14] It’s not good for her brain. It’s not good for just. For anything, if you will, that’s a whole nother conversation for another day, but I can do that for a little bit, but if I really wants to have time where it’s just for me to stop and do planning for myself or to do that, thinking that I need to do that’s uninterrupted, where it’s completely dedicated to me and what I need.  


[00:03:39] Then I need to plan for that. I need to make time for it. And so I have my daughter go to daycare periodically and on those days, trust me, I got a big old to do list of things I want to get done because I know that I can get a lot accomplished, but at the same time, like on those days, I need to be super, super dialed in and focused on how am I using that [00:04:00] time.  


[00:04:00] So that would be a suggestion I have for you right out of the gate is that as you’re thinking about, okay, how, what am I gonna do for my career plan? Hey, before we even go there, like just stop, take a time out for a second and say, huh. Okay. Well, when am I going to literally do this planning time? And what do I need to do with the humans that are inside my life to make sure that they’re taken care of?  


[00:04:25] You know? So for example, it would be a little bit ridiculous if you’re the main. Person cooking dinner in your house for you to think? Oh yeah. Well, in cooking, I’ll have my note pad there and I’ll be making a bunch of notes about my career plan. Like, is that reasonable for you to be effectively focused on what your career plan is while you’re also.  


[00:04:46] You’ve got the pan hot and you’re putting an oil and you’ve, you’re chopping up onion and you’re adding in tomatoes or, you know, whatever it is, right? Like, is that reasonable? I think for most of like, that’s just, that’s just crazy. Like you just know that that’s not gonna work out. You [00:05:00] need to focus on dinner and give dinner the attention that it needs and then separately focused on your career planning.  


[00:05:05] Right. So it’s the same thing. Just do whatever you gotta do. So that kid or children. Gets what they need so that they can have the love and support that they need. And then while they’re gone and they’re at daycare or they’re at your sister’s house or whatever it is that they’re doing, then during that time be ready to go with, all right.  


[00:05:24] Now I’m going to focus on my career plan. Okay. So what is this going to look like? Right. And so right out of the gate, just to make sure you’ve got that stuff set up so much better, when you have clear boundaries like that. And you’re not making your life so and difficult because then that’s what I find.  


[00:05:39] It’s really hard to be a Christian mom. Right? Like it’s really hard because we’re trying to take care of stuff professionally for ourselves. And we want to be that good example to our kids, but then it’s like all that anx that comes up because we’re sending our kids to daycare. That’s okay. Or. You’re just sending them to a friend’s or, you know, whatever is it’s okay.  


[00:05:57] Somebody else can watch your kids. That’s totally [00:06:00] fine. That’s not the problem. Take that time for yourself, because if you don’t stop and put a plan together, you’re going to get to the end of this year and you’re going to be pretty ticked off at yourself that you’re still in the same place or maybe worse off.  


[00:06:12] Right. And I hate to see that for interview. And I know today there’s some key things that you can do for yourself. So first things first get that kid. Or humans or whatever it is situated so that you can then have your own focus time. So whatever that needs to look like in your life, make the call on what you need to do.  


[00:06:29] And then you go forward from there. Okay. Then separately from that, I want you to recognize and acknowledge that it is your career. I’ve had a lot of people over the years talk about like, Oh, my husband wants me to do this, or, Oh, my boss wants me to do this. And I’m totally fine with that. But what is it that you want to do?  


[00:06:48] Where is it that you want to take your career? And if that’s in sync with what your boss wants. Great. Awesome. That’s a beautiful thing. If that’s in sync with what your husband wants. Great, awesome. [00:07:00] Wonderful. Okay. But are you in sync because you don’t want them, right, right. Two on that one for a minute.  


[00:07:09] Are you just pretending like, yeah, that’s good because you don’t really want to have to worry about your boss being upset with you because you’re worried about losing your job or something. Yeah. So if that’s where you’re at, just be honest in your heart and recognize, okay, I got something I got to work on here, but if you are going to do a career plan, you need to recognize that it’s your career.  


[00:07:35] Even if you’re sinked up with your husband’s sinked up with your boss or whomever, it is right. That’s totally great. You still need to move forward. Your husband’s not going to do things for your career. Your boss isn’t necessarily going to do things for your career. It’s your career ladies. So what are you going to do about your career and moving that forward?  


[00:07:55] Okay. So make sure that has, do not abdicate [00:08:00] responsibility. Don’t, don’t do it. And you put yourself in a whole heap of pain. It can cause a lot of problems in your marriage. It can also cause a lot of problems at work in the end. So just be clear about what it is that you are wanting to do and that it’s your responsibility.  


[00:08:13] And then from there, the intentional, what I mean by this is make the decision to focus on your career and then setting aside time to do those things that you know, you’re supposed to do. You know, already, without even listening to the rest of this podcast, you know, already there’s things that you know, that you need to do to improve and better your career situation.  


[00:08:36] So instead of being like, Oh, whatever, I’ll figure it out. There’s laundry to be done and dinner to be cooked. And kids’ homework level, like, like, okay, Yes, I get all that needs to happen. Trust me, I got a busy household to 100%. Get that. Okay. That’s fine. To me. Those are just household tasks we get through, right?  


[00:08:55] We do, we do what we need to do and we get the help where we need the help and things, things happen. Right. Okay. [00:09:00] I’m talking about setting aside the time and being intentional about that so that you can stop and think and say, okay, what is it I’m really trying to do with my career? So what this might look like pop into your calendar and say, all right, you know what?  


[00:09:17] The last Sunday of the month, every month, I want to take some quiet time alone. To stop and just ponder and think about what’s happened in the last month. How am I doing with my career development stuff in my, on target or not on target? Right. Maybe you don’t want to do that on Sunday. Maybe it’s just not your jam to do that.  


[00:09:34] So great. Do it on a Saturday or Friday night. I don’t care what the day is. I’m just giving you a suggestion. I’m just saying that because I can sometimes when I make suggestions on things, I get feedback from gals that are just like, well, that doesn’t work for me. I’m like, okay, that’s fine. But what does work for you?  


[00:09:54] Okay. So back to the other thing I just shared with you, acknowledging that it’s your career means [00:10:00] acknowledge it. So take this suggestion, take this advice that I’m giving me, come on gals. I’ve been doing this stuff for 22 years. Kinda know what’s going on. Right. So take that information and say, okay.  


[00:10:10] Well, Jen was talking about Sunday morning, but that actually doesn’t work for me. But what does work for me is Wednesday night, I could totally do that and I can make that work because of X, Y, Z, or whatever. Wonderful, good. And then put it on your calendar. If it doesn’t go on the calendar, it doesn’t happen.  


[00:10:28] Right. It’s kind of like with our kids, it’s like, like, mom, I told you it was the such and such thing at school today. Then you look at the calendar and you’re like, you never wrote it on the calendar child. It’s not my fault. That it’s where your favorite pajamas day. And you didn’t tell me about it in advance.  


[00:10:44] Now we hear the morning of, and I need to get you to school in 25 minutes. And your favorite pajamas are dirty. Cause you got syrup on them yesterday and there’ve been in the laundry, right? So. It’s the same thing for you. Just put it on your calendar, make that time and then [00:11:00] stick with it. Don’t let something else take that time.  


[00:11:04] Be intentional active visits, like a meeting with your boss. Like, would you be like, sorry, I know that I had that meeting scheduled with you. Well, you know, just can’t get around to it. Cause I got this other thing that came up. You wouldn’t do that unless it was like a life or death situation, of course.  


[00:11:20] But typically no, most of the things that come up are not life or death situations. So just be intentional, make it consistent and put it on your schedule and then just go from there. And don’t just put on your schedule once, like do the recurring thing. So you just go into the Google settings and make it a recurring calendar event for.  


[00:11:39] No, I don’t know. I’ll pick the third Wednesday of the month and just make it a recurring thing for the rest of the year. Right then, you know, okay. From eight to 9:00 PM, that is my time on that night. I’m going to focus on my career planning stuff and my husband’s going to make sure to get the kids to bed that night.  


[00:11:53] And we’ve had a conversation and he understands and he’s supported me. Right. And maybe vice versa. Maybe he picks another day and you support him too. All [00:12:00] right. So be intentional. And then always, always, always, as I share so many times here in career central podcast, be clear on your personal brand. So if you still have not gotten that nailed down, you need to get that nailed down, ladies.  


[00:12:13] Be clear about what is your personal brand, because that’s going to help set the stage for any of the career planning, the goals that you make, et cetera. So make sure that you have that foundation of your personal brand and all the other things you’re going to stack up on top of it. So be clear with your brand, for the rest of this conversation.  


[00:12:31] I’m going to assume that you are clear with your brand. Okay. If you’re not go back and get that stuff figured out, and then you can come back and listen to the rest of this stuff. Okay. So you’re clear on your brand. Now. I want you to decide on one goal that you want to focus on for the year. Yep. You heard me one goal, that’s it?  


[00:12:52] Most people are like, here’s my list of seven things I’m going to work on. And it’s just like, don’t do that to yourself because you’re totally going to [00:13:00] set yourself up for failure. Ladies. We do not need any more of that overwhelm, chaotic feeling in our brains. Right. Can I get an amen on that one? So instead of doing that to yourself, pick one goal.  


[00:13:12] Only one, just one goal. So simplify all this stuff down to just one thing that you want to focus on for your career plan for this year. So if that one thing is to get yourself promoted or to find a new job, or to start a blog, that’s for you to have a place to talk about professional stuff that going on in your arena, et cetera.  


[00:13:34] That’s great. That’s your one main goal. Then the next thing you’re going to want to do is have monthly movement toward that goal. So if you’re going to be blogging for example. Perfect. That’s great. So then the first thing you need to do is stop and say, okay, what’s going to be the whole reason for this blog.  


[00:13:50] What’s that thing that I’m most passionate about in my heart, that I’m willing to carry that flag forward. Okay. And that you’re going to be willing to consistently do it because [00:14:00] if you’re not willing to consistently do it. Then later when things get tough and there’s seemingly too much laundry or dinner needs to get cooked, et cetera.  


[00:14:08] And just be like, ah, screw it. The blogs done. I just can’t handle it. Well more. I just started in the first place. Right. Because we’re always going to have challenges that come our way. And so instead of saying. Okay, well, I guess I’ll just won’t blog, like no, like stop and be like intentional about it, right?  


[00:14:25] Like, if is that what you really, really want to do is that the thing that you feel is going to make a big difference for you then really check in. And then with that goal, I say, totally check in with God, ask him why not go to him and say, Hey, you know what? Heavenly father I’ve been thinking about some stuff.  


[00:14:40] I’ve got all of these different ideas and I’ve narrowed it down. And I think what I want to work on this year is X. What do you think about that? Do you think X is a good goal for me? So again, when you’re having that conversation with God, you can’t be doing that in the middle of 17 other things happening at the same [00:15:00] time.  


[00:15:00] Right? Try to have that conversation with him during a very quiet, pondering time. So that’s why, again, I always recommend that we wake up early before our kids are up and have our. Personal morning, spiritual routine before it’s game on like donkey Kong in the house. Right. If you haven’t heard me talk about morning spiritual routine yet I know there’s podcasts episodes inherit where I do get more into that as well.  


[00:15:21] So you can go back and listen to that, but it’s a, the idea is to check in with God on a regular basis. Okay. In the morning, early, early in Jesus used to get up early and leave the disciples and go pray as well. So. Hey, I think if he knew what was going on and he knew how important it was for his ministry, maybe we can take a page from his book and apply it to ourselves as working moms.  


[00:15:42] Right. Okay. So big goal first then say, okay, what are going to be my monthly goals to make that happen? All right. And then. You get that stuff scheduled on your calendar. And so maybe the first thing, if you’re going to be blogging, it’s like, okay, what’s the purpose of the block. Okay. This is what I want it to be about.  


[00:16:00] [00:15:59] Okay. So maybe that’s just the first step that you do. And then the next thing is, okay, well, I want to have it have its own website. Okay, great. We’ll jump on those websites where you can purchase a domain and see. If you can find one that matches up fits you. I always recommend in this circumstance, by the way that you pick a domain, that’s just your name, because let’s say two years from now that you decided to, like, I don’t want to blog about that work stuff anymore.  


[00:16:22] I want to talk more about this other thing that’s going on in my life. Well, if the blog URL that you chose is very focused on that work stuff, then you’re probably going to have to buy a different URL and that kind of sex. So I just say, just pick one that matches your name. And hopefully you don’t have a super general name like mine, Jennifer Anderson, because Jennifer anderson.com or any combination like that is just not available.  


[00:16:44] But if you can do something, it’s your name then great use that, that will, that will totally give you a lot of runway if you will, if you do decide to blog, but whatever it is, the thing that you’re doing, right. Just pick that one goal and then break it down into monthly chunks. Okay. And then from there, is [00:17:00] that be clear with anybody who’s in your circle, who needs to know about this goal and this plan that you have for yourself?  


[00:17:08] So for example, if your goal is to find a new job, maybe you don’t tell your boss today. Right. I’m just saying, okay. But if your goal is to find a new job, probably when I’m in conversation with your spouse, right. Or maybe your best friend, or maybe whomever it is, is going to help you with the job search and to be clear and to let them know this is what it is that I want to do for my job, my new job, I want to find, et cetera.   


[00:17:30] And make sure everybody’s looped in on that. I always think about how much further Jesus got, because he brought people into his circle. If he tried to do his ministry just by himself and try to move that along, it would not have gotten nearly as far, but think of all the people that he brought with him and how much further they got together.  


[00:17:50] So. That’s why I’m saying let the right people know the most important people know about what your goal is. So if you’re blogging, I mean, depending on what you think about your [00:18:00] boss or whatever, you may or may not be able to let your boss know that you’re blogging. Maybe it’s something that they’re not keen on.  


[00:18:05] Maybe it’s not something that they want you to be doing. Okay. Well then maybe. You know, that’s a whole nother conversation about, well, should I really be doing this or not? Right. Or do I need to do it under an alias name or something? I don’t know. But again, I could talk about so many different situations for different goals.  


[00:18:21] It just, it kind of really depends on what your goal is, right? As to whether or not you’re going to tell your boss, but. Your career goals are different than your actual job goals. So it’s important often. I think it’s really important to let your boss know so that they’re aware of what it is that you’re working on.  


[00:18:37] And then maybe there’s a way to kind of synchronize those two. So that would be my thought generally about it, but you need to make sure you’re checking in with your heart and don’t hold back and telling your boss just because you’re scared. Right. That’s not necessarily always the reason why that just might be a little bit of stuff as kind of holding yourself back or maybe that sneaky little dude also known as Satan.  


[00:18:56] Maybe he’s holding you back in St. Louis. [00:19:00] No, don’t do it. Don’t let them know. Okay. Okay. So then you kind of have to be able to have that discernment as far as, okay. Is this the Holy spirit talking to me or is this Satan talking to me? And then you can move forward from there. So. And then you can share again with important people who need to know, or maybe it’s your best friend, or maybe you need to hire a coach or whatever it is.  


[00:19:20] Some, you know, who are the important people that need to help you to support you so that that goal can be accomplished. And then it’s a really fun thing that I think is way often overlooked is plan to celebrate. When you accomplish that goal lady, you have a plan to celebrate. So I’ll give you an example.  


[00:19:39] Last year, I brought together a group of women for a mastermind. So these are women business owners. And I had a goal that if I got at least 10 women into this mastermind, that then my goal was going to be, to take the day off from work. Have my husband take a day off from work the same day with me. We’d have my we’d have our daughter at [00:20:00] daycare.  


[00:20:00] And then just my husband and I would go get couples massage and go out for lunch because we haven’t done anything like that in a really, really long time. And so I shared that with my husband before I full on launched everything around this mastermind that I put together again, bringing this group of women together.  


[00:20:16] And Chad was so excited. He was like, that’s awesome. He’s I totally hope you reach your goal. I mean, he wants me to reach my goals anyhow, but there’s going to be a direct benefit to him, you know? Massage and going and having lunch in the day off to play and hang out. And so totally did. It was my goal.  


[00:20:33] That was a celebration and wonderfully enough, I had 10 women join, by the way, we’ve had a wonderful mastermind. It was such a good reminder of how important it is to have a plan for celebration once that goal was accomplished. And so I encourage you to do that as well. And maybe it’s not massage and lunch or whatever you do, you write, you figure out what your thing is.  


[00:20:54] You know, maybe it’s just going to get a manicure, right. Or whatever. I don’t even know. It doesn’t even have to be something self [00:21:00] care. You choose how you want to celebrate. For me, that sounded so delicious to go and have that experience with my husband. And it turned out into a lovely, wonderful day. So you make sure that you plan to celebrate.  


[00:21:14] For yourself on what that needs to look like once you accomplish your goal, maybe there’s something that your boss can do too, right? Like if you can accomplish a certain goal, that’s in your cursive, maybe they have something that they do to support you too. So that’s another reason why I think it’s really great.  


[00:21:31] If you can sync up with your boss, right. So that you’re on the same page. So anyhow, but whatever it is, make a celebration plan for when you accomplish that goal. And then in the end, a grateful heart. And the reason why this is such an important thing for me to talk about, to give you direction for having this career plan is because.  


[00:21:50] I think it’s really valuable to pick up in all the examples in the scriptures of when people were accomplishing things and they’re going along, how they [00:22:00] would always recognize the hand of God. So let us recognize a hand of God as we are accomplishing great things too, because I’ll tell you what ladies.  


[00:22:07] You’re not just doing it on your own, right? So your earthly angels, your spiritual angels, like they are, they’re helping, especially as you are zeroed in on, this is what I’m working on and you’re going to see the hand of God and whatever else is helping you, because it’s amazing. It can, it can make a huge difference.  


[00:22:23] So, and with the grateful heart, we also. Turn back to God, more and more and seek his advice and his counsel. Right. So think about other people that are in your life. Like when you had that professor in college, for example, that really helped you you’d have very grateful hearts toward them and that knitted you with them and you kept going back to them again and again.  


[00:22:44] So it’s the same thing, right? Go back to God. And say, thank you so much for this. And this is the next thing. And what suggestions you have around this, or can you put the right person on my path at the right time to help me with this piece of the goal or whatever it is. And so just keep going back to him.  


[00:22:59] It’s a [00:23:00] wonderful way to acknowledge him. I have to imagine he’s probably very excited when he hears the thank you is right. Just as much as you love hearing the thank yous for cooking dinner, keep expressing that gratitude to God. And in the end, when it comes to your career plan, Sometimes we feel like it’s just, just too overwhelming and it’s just too much to think about all the stuff, all the big career thing.  


[00:23:22] So I would suggest to you don’t make it out to be this big, massive monstrous goal. Right? So you could be like, Oh, my goal is to have the corner office and I want to have a huge staff and an unlimited budget and like, hold on, hold on. Like. Are you like one step away from that promotion. If that’s the case, then great.  


[00:23:43] Make that your goal. Right. But if you look just barely started with the company, you’re right out of college, or you got just a couple of years of experience under your belt, that corner office thing, that what I just spelled out may not be realistic to accomplish in any amount of time. Plus there’s a lot of steps and variables before that, that thing [00:24:00] could happen.  


[00:24:00] And so instead of setting it out to be way too massive, almost seemingly uncomparable goal. You can kind of have that stuff kicking around the back of your head, but maybe back it up today and say, okay, if I know, eventually I want to be that corner office person will today. You know what? I need to invest in myself.  


[00:24:20] I’m going to give myself a goal of reading one career book a month. And I’m going to actually buy the book and I’m going to Mark it up and I’m going to write things in it. And I’m going to see what I can do to apply that, to what I’m doing in my job today. Because one day I will be that executive in the corner office.  


[00:24:39] And in order to be that person I need to have had all of this knowledge and experience and wisdom, right. So what can I do today? Let me back it up today. I’m going to start reading. Okay. That’s something I can do. And then. Maybe you can share that with your boss and your boss is like awesome, right on, you know what?  


[00:24:55] I’m going to give you $500 as a contribution towards that and use that $500 to [00:25:00] pay for those books that you’re buying over the rest of the year. Awesome rate. So who knows where all this stuff can go? That’s why I always say sync up with your boss, let them know. You’ve no idea, the amazing, beautiful things that they can do to support you.  


[00:25:11] But if they don’t know, then they can’t support you. All right. Okay. So that’s some key stuff I wanted to share with you ladies, Kay, to give you this direction for your career planning. So just very quickly to roll through this very, very quickly. First of all, acknowledges your career don’t advocate responsibility.  


[00:25:29] Secondly, be intentional. Make time for stuff. Third, be clear on your brand. Fourth is to set one goal, only one goal, and like an accomplishable goal that you can get done this year. And then the next step fifth is to have monthly movement toward that goal. Six is to be clear with whomever is in your circle that needs to know about the goal and can support you with that.  


[00:25:52] Seventh is to have a celebration planned for when you accomplish it. Right? So if you read all those 12 books at the end of the time, maybe you [00:26:00] go do some kind of celebratory thing for yourself, right? And then eighth is to have a grateful heart through all of this. You do those things and it will absolutely put you in a much better path for your career planning here in 2021.  


[00:26:14] I’m sharing with you a quote from the 3:00 AM with God journal. This is a CS Lewis quote, and he says, You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream and wanted to put that out there. Because I think sometimes we get to a point where we’re like, Oh, I just can’t do anything different. I’m stuck in this rut.  


[00:26:34] Like, no, no, no, you can absolutely have a new goal set a new dream for yourself and you can go for it. And there are many women that I know of who have totally reinvented themselves in their forties and fifties and sixties for that matter. So you can do this. I know that you absolutely can. But you need to be intentional.  


[00:26:52] Alright, mamas. Thank you so much for joining me on career central, the podcast I’ve enjoyed again, sharing with you some career development insights [00:27:00] to give you some direction for career planning with the new year here for more resources, to help you with your career development. Come on over to career coach jen.com.  


[00:27:10] Thank you so much mamas to your successful and inspired career this year. Thanks.