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“Trying to understand clarity really helped me cut through the noise and be efficient. It helped me to execute at a level that is above and beyond.” – Craig Condie.

The best managers begin demonstrating their leadership skills through self-management.

Craig Condie currently consults, delivering solutions that increase client productivity, optimize execution, and maximize resources. Prior to consulting, he filled the Director of Program Management Office for a global organization. A “hands-on” execution expert who leveraged appropriate applications of technology and process to deliver the desired outcome. Responsible for portfolio management across North America, leading project management and solution refinement throughout the product development lifecycle. 

Condie’s professional growth includes positions in project and program management, engineering, product marketing, account management, and strategy. Condie began his career in computer science, developing software for commercial and military flight training.   

Craig Condie shares how becoming a better self-manager sets you up for a career in leadership. Listen in as Jen Anderson, CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, and Craig discuss being adaptable, creating a vision for your career trajectory, and the key skills you need to be a better manager. They also explore how to create momentum and the biggest changes in tech leadership today.

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