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I recently joined Rebecca Clark on her podcast “Move Your Desk” to discuss my book, Call for Compassion.

Compassion for self and others is exactly what this conversation is about.

Rebecca and I discuss a few key principles in Call for Compassion and several of our experiences observing this attribute in others and seeking it for ourselves.

Building compassion may be an opportunity to connect humans to humans in personal and authentic ways in a world that includes more AI, virtual work environments, technology advancements, and a focus on efficiency each day.

I hope you take a listen to this conversation – you can find it available through all major podcast episodes at

Check out the podcast interview:

🎙 Rebecca Clark from “Move Your Desk” on Spotify or on YouTube.

Thank you, Rebecca, hosting me on your podcast to talk about the importance of compassion. 📘💕

My ultimate goal is to help leaders and their teams to get along with each other and also interact better with other departments.

The book has examples of how to build a compassionate life and work team. The story follows a father and son journey through restoring a bicycle and the reader is introduced to a series of principles and practices that teach about developing the attribute of compassion.

Get your copy of Call for Compassion on Amazon.