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Recently, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Doug Beitz’s podcast “Intuitive Conversations with Doug” to discuss Call for Compassion.

My book, Call for Compassion: Building Compassionate Leaders for Collaborative Workplaces, is one of the ways that I support leaders and their teams to get along with each other and also interact better with other departments.

In this podcast episode, I detail my move from California to Missouri, using my personal journey to highlight the transformative impact of remote work on leadership and team dynamics. I delve into the benefits of virtual environments, which provide flexibility and sustain human connections across distances.

The discussion also touches on the subtle dynamics of energy within teams, suggesting that while leaders can influence the collective energy, it’s crucial to channel this interaction constructively. I offer strategies for leaders to support and inspire their teams, aiming to create a positive and motivating atmosphere.

A focal point of my philosophy is my mission to “build leaders into leaders that everyone wants to work for.” I elaborate on this concept by advocating for leadership styles that prioritize empathy, understanding, and genuine engagement with team members.

Throughout the podcast, I also give insights into my global leadership training programs, designed to equip leaders with the skills necessary to excel in diverse and dispersed team settings. The episode is a rich exploration of adapting leadership practices to nurture supportive and engaging work environments.

Check out the podcast interview: 

🎙 Doug Beitz from “Intuitive Conversations with Doug” on Spotify or on YouTube (where you’ll find me decked out in my overalls – because we fancy like that now in the country!).

Thank you, Doug, for hosting me on your podcast to talk about the importance of compassion. 📘💕

Ready to have more empathy, compassion, kindness in your work team?

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