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“Successful people attribute their success to failing.” – Jen Anderson

Are you holding yourself back from success by trying to avoid mistakes?  

In this week’s episode of Today’s Top Leaders, Jen Anderson CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, share insight from my guest Jerry Rudisin about making mistakes and how they are an indicator of success. 

What Jerry had mentioned that piqued my interest was, “You’re not trying hard enough if you don’t make mistakes.”

Oh, my friends. I love that because I have to tell you, I have been in thousands of coaching sessions over the years with people who have many times said to me that they’re fearful. Doing or saying something wrong, and then because of that worry, the fear sneaks in. Then it gets tough actually to go for it.

During this episode, I’m exploring how fear contributes to our lack of trying in our careers and how we can mitigate that fear with simple strategies. I’ll also share how you can see what opportunities mistakes create for you and avoid analysis paralysis.

Listen here.

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