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“When you have passion for something, you’re going to make time for it.”

Are you letting your passion drive your career?

This week on Today’s Top Leaders, I’m diving into the topic of passion and how it can both help and hinder your career. I discuss the “Three P’s – Passion, Planning, and Persistence.”

Because as I’ve been career coaching people for over two decades, I have seen how the people who have passion, progress more than others who don’t have passion in their careers

What is passion? 

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm. Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea or cause enthusiastic enjoyment of an interest. Passion is all about this level of intensity. It’s that feeling that you’re having toward an idea. Passion can do a lot for you as you’re looking to build your career.

Listen in to Today’s Top Leaders as Jen Anderson CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, explore how passion shows up in different ways, how to evaluate your passion and make the most of it, as well as understanding when your excitement may lead you away from accomplishing your goals. We’ll also discuss how to hone your passion for moving your career forward.

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