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“Humility does help you. It can absolutely make a difference for you, and it can help you to connect with people in a different way.”

How are you practicing humility in the workplace? This week on Today’s Top Leaders, I’m challenging you to consider our past few conversations about humility and how we can show compassion to others who are facing adversity within our community. 

Buddha has a great quote that says, “In separateness lies the world’s great misery in compassion lies the world’s true strength. “

I think we can have more strengths together. In this call for compassion today, I invite all of us to look for opportunities to show more compassion individually. 

Listen in as Jen Anderson CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, explores what we can do as a global community, understanding what we can control and how the power of kindness allows us to connect with others in the workplace and beyond through shared experiences. We’ll also discuss how you can lead yourself and your team to be compassionate within the walls of your organization and beyond.

How can you show more compassion in your workplace today?

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