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“One of the most compassionate thing you could do for your boss is to help them understand how they could help you succeed.”

Do you have a good relationship with your boss?

In this episode of Today’s Top Leaders, we explore the benefits of a positive working relationship with your boss. 

I hear people talk about the struggles that they have with their boss. And then also from the bosses’ perspective, the struggles that they’re having with their direct reports. When I think about these types of situations, it seems like the team member is waiting for their boss to change.

What would happen if we flipped that script? Instead of waiting for the boss to make the first move, what if you made an effort to build a better relationship with your boss?

Listen in as Jen Anderson CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, discuss the intentions behind a workplace relationship, strategies for maintaining open, honest communication, and how this relationship plays into the five pillars of a well-balanced life.

I’ll share how open, honest communication with your superior can help your career and your life.

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