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It may be a cliché to say “add an arrow to your quiver”, but I seriously love that analogy for leaders adding to their leadership options. Each arrow you add to your quiver makes you more valuable as a leader. Look for ways to add various arrows in your leadership toolbox.

Imagine yourself with big challenge on the horizon. You know your team needs you, what solutions do you have up your sleeve?

If you’ve been adding to your bank of leadership knowledge, then you have options – you have more arrows in your leadership quiver. You are that more ready than before.

To add more arrows to your quiver, build your leadership skills with the following ideas:

  • Attend training every year so that you keep your leadership skills and techniques fresh.
  • Read industry and trade magazines to stay on the frontlines of information about your industry and competitors.
  • Daily practice of filling your cup. I call it a Morning Spiritual Routine (MSR), where you take 10-20 minutes to get yourself grounded with a combination of prayer, meditation, scripture study, exercise, yoga, affirmations, etc. Starting your day off by taking care of yourself will allow you to take care of a lot of other problems that can come up at work.
  • Have a mentor who you can turn to for tough questions. You’re the boss, but that doesn’t mean you know it all.

As a leader, it’s so very important that you prepare yourself to take on challenges. Then aim for one thing. Go for it and shoot the target. While you my not always hit your goal, you are taking measured efforts that will lead to more success for you and your team.

Ultimately, as a leader, it’s your prerogative to add to your skills, mindset and techniques in order to be an effective leader for others. So, that in the end you can…

Have success!

This is your career after all, right? Why not enjoy the process of adding more skills and abilities to your knowledge bank.

Have fun with building up your quiver of leadership arrows!