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Ok. Sometimes it’s really hard to walk into a networking event alone. I totally get it.

  • You’re nervous about meeting new people.
  • You don’t know if you’ll meet anyone that is worthwhile to follow up with after the event.
  • You are feeling a little uncomfortable with how to walk up to new people and strike up a conversation.
  • The list goes on and on.


Call up a buddy and invite them to join you at a networking event

Seriously, I totally understand because as much as people perceive me to be an extrovert, I have serious introvert tendencies… which means I get the big lump in my throat right before going on stage to speak at a conference. I also get heart palpitations before walking into a big group of people.


If you’re feeling that overwhelming sense of shyness, it can be overcome with bringing a buddy to the networking event. Attending a networking event with someone you know is an awesome way to get over your shyness. Either meet them there, or commute together, but whatever you do, just remember that you are there to help each other meet other people.

So, before your next networking event, pick up the phone and ask a good friend or business associate to join you. They’ll be honored that you’ve invited them to join you – I promise. If they can’t attend with you, find another buddy. Someone is willing to join you.