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I am so big on people being authentic about their leadership style; it makes a huge difference. It helps to reduce the attrition of unwanted people.

Downstream you’re worried about attrition; you’re concerned about people leaving the company. But here’s the thing. Early on, when people are considering joining your company, they’re going to check you out on LinkedIn. Guaranteed.

And actually, if they haven’t checked you out on LinkedIn, then that’s a problem, and you don’t want to hire them because they’re not doing their due diligence to see if you guys sync up.

But if they’re doing their due diligence, they are seeing videos of you talking about who you are, your interests, what you’re passionate about, or the cool things that are going on in your company.

Sharing this type of authenticity can tip the scales in your favor to help you recruit the right person who will make a big difference in your company.

If you are looking to work on making sure you are showing up authentically then get in touch, and let’s discuss some ways that I can help you to be the leader that everyone wants to work for.