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This post is for everyone who is struggling with finding the energy to go do the things that *should* normally be part of the excitement of a new year… I see you. 👀

Usually, the first week of the new year is like a new chapter… filled with hope, optimism, the anticipation of the opportunity to start over. And yet I found myself exhausted, lethargic, and apathetic. Didn’t matter if it was a New Year or just another day… I was feeling broken and needed to sit with those emotions that have been trying to come to the surface for a long time. 😢

So instead of pushing them down again, the first chapter for this new year started with lying in bed and feeling the feels. I slept waaayyy more than I normally do. I suspended my workout schedule. I ate what I wanted to and didn’t track the calories. I took the anti-anxiety meds and chilled out. 😴

And you know what? I’m feeling like I need more rest this year. I want more calm and relaxation. I want less busy and less expectation. And it feels really peaceful to embrace a slower pace. 🥰

So, if you are feeling the need to slow down when everyone else is shifting into a higher gear, I welcome you to a seat at the table. 🪑💛

And if you feel like cranking it out, I applaud you for you doing you. It is YOUR chapter anyhow, so do what feels right. 👏

Now excuse me while I find more compassion for what my heart and #mentalhealth are needing today. I hope you find what you need in this new year too. 🎯

If you want to start your year feeling like you’re more in control of what YOU want to get out of this chapter of your career’s story, then get in touch, and let’s discuss some ways that I can help you to be in synch with what works for you.