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Write up those notes of gratitude and you’ll consistently grow your connections with people!

When you’re expressing gratitude to your co-workers, bosses, employees, clients, vendors, etc., a key element is to be consistent and frequent.

If you send one thank you note a year, that’s a start. But, try stepping up your gratitude and expressing your gratitude quarterly. If you’re taking your team members out to lunch each month, that’s awesome and keep up the good work!

Ultimately, it’s best to send thank you notes to people when it’s warranted, not just because I said to send them a thank you note each month. I’d rather have you send heartfelt and thoughtful thank you notes quarterly rather than every month for no good reason other than to just say “thanks” again. People know when you’re being fake, so be meaningful with your expressions of gratitude.

One thank you hack that works for me is to have a reminder on my calendar to send thank you notes. Every Monday morning, I review my previous week to see if there is anyone I should send a thank you note to. Some weeks I have 5 notes to send, other weeks have no cards to send. But, the consistency of checking my calendar each Monday helps me to consistently send thank you notes to important people in my life. I also look for people who I need to take to lunch, or send them a small gift, or whatever makes sense with showing them gratitude. The key is to review the calendar each week to make sure you’re not missing someone important. I love it and it works out great!

How do you consistently express gratitude in your life and work? Add your thoughts in the comments below – thanks! 🙂