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“Stop worrying about what you were born with and just focus on optimizing what you have.” –Bassam Salem

Is a resume really all the matters during an interview?

This week on Today’s Top Leaders Bassam Salem shares his best advice for tech professionals looking to increase their impact during interviews and reveals his insights as to why side hustles may be hurting your long-term career chances.

Who is Bassam Salem?

Sam Salem is the founder and CEO of Atlas RTX and the former COO at inContact, which has now been acquired by nice. And Maritz CX, which has now been acquired by in a moment.

Atlas RTX is the first tech startup incubated under his venture consultancy Mindshare ventures. After immigrating to the United States from Egypt as a foreign student, he received his bachelor’s, master’s and infill degrees in computer science and his MBA from the University of Utah. He is based in park city and now happy to call Utah home.

Jen Anderson CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, and Bassam discuss the power of soft skills, why collaboration and influence can be more important than tech skills, and why a side hustle could hurt your chances of long-term career success.

Please be sure to click here to listen to Part 1 of my conversation with Bassam Salem.