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Years ago, I invested in a subscription to Now, this site is owned by – of course. The reason why I decided to pay for the regular access of audiobooks is that I realized I was wasting a lot of time driving around and not getting good information into my head.

Now, years later, I can look back on all the books I’ve listened to and realize how I’ve invested in my own personal education. The list of books includes various books, such as:

  • Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan
  • Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  • Mastering the Complex Sale, by Jeff Thull
  • Women Don’t Ask, by Linda Babcock
  • The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks
  • Garlic and Sapphires, by Ruth Reichl
  • Hunger Games Trilogy, by Suzanne Collins

Right now I’m listening to:

  • Unbroken: A WWII Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, by Laura Hillenbrand
  • Money: Master the Game in 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, by Tony Robbins

Coming up next, includes:

  • The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield
  • The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Essentialism, by Greg McKeown

There really are many wonderful books to absorb! I wish I was better at sitting down and reading a book, but I’d rather listen to it than not read it at all! But, actually listening to a book works really well for me because I increase the audio speed and then I’m able to fly through a text pretty quickly.

Another cool thing is that app keeps your book library at your finger tips. All I need is access to WiFi to download the book and then I’m able to listen to it whenever I want. This has been helpful for traveling via car, plane, or even while cooking dinner. It’s actually pretty common to find me hanging out in the kitchen with Tony Robbins!

Actually, I have listened to some books more than once because it was just THAT GOOD! I’d have to say that my all time favorite book is “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. Powerful. Insightful. And very, very helpful to me in many areas of my life. This is one of the books that I’ve listened to many times over because it’s just so helpful in my personal and business life! That’s why I’ve recommended this book to many people.

At the end of the day, consuming information is important way for me to effectively fill my mind. I really hate to listen to the bad news on the radio, so instead I love to use my car time wisely.

Here's what my bookshelf looks like today! Not much more room... Probably time to get a new shelving system for MORE BOOKS!

Here’s what my bookshelf looks like today! Not much more room… Probably time to get a new shelving system for MORE BOOKS!

Don’t get me wrong, I also read a lot of books and my library continues to grow with a variety of books. Here’s a peek of my book shelf right now! Sure, some of the space is taken up with office supplies too, but there are many books on here that have made a big impact in my life and business. My heart is full of gratitude to all the authors who put together books to help other people.

I should probably get my book finished up too… Heaven knows many people have asked me over the years to get the book written!

No matter which way you’re consuming a text, either by sitting down to read it, listening to a book, reading an executive summary, etc. – just do it! The information will be a great way for you to invest in your personal education.

What is your favorite book? Why?