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People give me a hard time for hauling around a planner. I keep all sorts of notes on clients, meetings, organizing events, book lists, coupons, etc. But, one of my favorite things is to keep track of inspirational comments from speakers

While sorting through some old planners, I stumbled upon notes I took while listening to Pat “The Wizard” Summit at a May 2005 company offsite. Yes, that’s 2005. 

I love re-reading inspirational comments… So, I thought it was great to find the list again from a woman that I deeply admire.

Pat SummittPat Summit’s “Definite Dozen”:

1. Respect yourself and others. How do you treat yourself?

2. Treat people the way you want to be treated. How do you treat people?

3. Demonstrate loyalty. Have regular events to build that loyalty.

4. Communication is key. Listen to the team and get feedback. Let others know what’s on your mind. Once you’ve talked about it, let it go. People will make mistakes-praise before criticize.

5. Team before yourself.

6. Make winning an attitude. Keeping your attitude in check is a daily choice.

7. Be a competitor. How badly do you want to be #1? Ask your team what they want to do to win. How hard are you willing to work?

8. Not being at the top should always challenge you. Ask your team what loosing means to them.

9. Change is a must. Keep your mind sharp and bring in new ideas.

10. Sometimes it’s just better to think. How much time each day do spend just thinking?

11. I will help you but I will not start your engine.

12. Life goes fast. Take care of yourself by making the most of each day.

I don’t usually follow sports teams, but Pat Summitt is an amazing coach. At the 2005 company offsite, I was mesmerized by her strength, intellect, and compassion. She’s a great example of putting your best self forward at all times.

Even though she’s retired and now living with Alzheimer’s disease, I think that she’ll continue to inspire many more people… Just as she’s done for me. Thanks for the advice (again), Pat

Who has inspired you today?