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Congratulations! You have worked hard and others noticed! You have been given the opportunity to move up the ladder into a managerial position. Being a “manager” does not automatically mean that you are a “leader”. Becoming a leader is something that takes time and effort on your part to develop and become a leader in your own natural style.via-dellamicizia-1512166_1920

As you’re looking down this new road of being a first-time manager, here are some critical pieces of the leadership puzzle that you are going to want to pay attention to:

1. Perfect your communication skills. It’s common knowledge that at some point or another lack of effective communication leads to problems in the workplace. Do what you can to learn how to effectively communicate for yourself. This will pay big dividends in the long run for your career.

2. Time management. Mastering the use of your time will make a big difference in how you interact with your team members, accomplish your work, and manage your emotions and stress.

3. Find a mentor to help you become a better leader. If you were to interview anyone who is a remarkable business leader, you will come to find that all of them recognize the power of having a strong Mentor in their life. If you don’t already a strong business mentor in your life, I highly recommend that you identify somebody who can help you with business leadership advice.

If you strive to apply these 3 pearls of wisdom into your day, being a new manager will get easier.