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In 2009, I started consulting with companies because I noticed that they were struggling with hiring and keeping the right employees. This came on the heels of working in the recruiting industry for 11 years and having placed about 1,000 people in new jobs and dealing with over 100,000 job seekers. 

During those 11 years of being in the recruiting arena, I saw too many companies hiring when they should not be hiring, or hiring the wrong type of people. Then, managers and HR would have to deal with problematic employees and turn over of the wrong employees. 

Additionally, I saw too many people making career changes without really knowing what they wanted to get out of their career – unfortunately, I saw these bad career choices being made at all levels from entry-level positions to executives. 

Today, I leverage 22+ years of coaching and training to:

  • Help companies to keep the right employees and reduce the unwanted attrition. 
  • Help individuals with their career development and transitions.

I am here for you to get the career development answers you need for yourself as a leader, for your team’s career development, and for individuals who want to take better ownership of their career. You’ll see links to my different programs listed below.

You can have an awesome career! I promise. 

To your successful career, 

Career Coach Jen 

Jennifer is what I call “the real deal.” Not only is she a master in her space of career coaching, but she is a sought-after thought leader. Her judgment is spot on, and her offering is cutting edge to enable displaced employees the maximum opportunity to find a new path. She is a master of social media. I follow her on Twitter, and recommend her advice to any who are seeking to upgrade their current employment opportunities or find new employment. I value her advice and her leadership at this critical time when personal branding and innovative ideas are so much in demand. Follow her counsel and be blessed!

David G.

Development Manager