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It’s critical in today’s economy and business climate to make sure to find and communicate the value of your own strengths to your team and leader.

Here’s a lesson learned from watching Celebrity Apprentice where an individual did not communicate his strengths to the team, and unfortunately the team lost. Rod Blagojevich wasn’t used effectively in an old episode of Celebrity Apprentice. The project manager and former Olympian, Michael Johnson, didn’t use Rod to his fullest extent.

I firmly believe that once someone knows their strengths, they should seek to use those strengths to help themselves and their team to be the best. Clearly, Rod did not effectively communicate his strengths to Michael. Perhaps that’s a classic-politician-not-being-clear situation.

Rod Blagojevich doing what he does best - politicking!So, what are Rod Blagojevich’s strengths?

  • Politicking
  • Raising money
  • Star power
  • Natural self-promoter.

For the Celebrity Apprentice project, Rod was relied upon to find facts and type up copy for the Norton and LifeLock advertorial.

Rod was literally hunt-n-peck typing… really? Running the 5th largest state and the former governor doesn’t know how to type? Wow.

But, the reality of the situation tells us that Rod isn’t the best at doing administrative tasks and probably not good at detailed work. How could Project Manager Michael Johnson have better used Rod’s strengths to help the group? I’d suggest:

  • Use Rod’s star power as the face of the Norton and Life Lock advertorial.
  • Very easily would’ve taken advantage of Rod’s lawsuit as a satire in the advertorial.
  • Allowed someone else on the team to do the more detailed and research-driven work.

But, I don’t blame Michael Johnson entirely, I partially blame Rod because he did a poor job of communicating how these strengths could benefit the team. If Michael Johnson had better used Rod’s star power, the team would’ve had a better chance at winning the project.

What do we learn from this example? Both the “employee” and the “manager” failed to make the most of several people’s strengths 

We all see this happen in our workplaces today and it’s a shame to see so much effort and potential go to waste! Instead, find your strengths and then effectively communicate those skills to your manager and team. There is a better chance of being successful… not to mention happier in your role! 

So, not only will you look like a champ, but your team will succeed as well. And who doesn’t want to be a winning team?

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To avoid a Rod Blagojevich situation, what are your strengths?