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Do you ever find yourself in a moment where you think ‘I am going to lose it? What is going on here?’

There are times when I’m talking with executives who are dealing with a lot of stress, and they don’t know how to diffuse it. I want you to know that you don’t have to stay there, and there is something that you can do to make a difference for yourself. 

I have what I call the 5 Pillars of a Well Balanced Life. And they are:

  • How am I doing mentally? 
  • How am I doing physically? 
  • How am I doing with my spiritual practice? 
  • How am I doing at work and with my finances?
  • Am I managing things well? 

When you find yourself overwhelmed, my first suggestion is to evaluate yourself in each area on a scale of 1-10. If you’ve got a deficient area, it will affect you at work, and you’re going to have those brain fried times. Seek to do what you can to invest in yourself in those areas.

Career Excellence With Improving Your Personal Life

Recently on my podcast, Today’s Top Leaders, I had the opportunity to interview the wonderful, charismatic Bassam Salem, who is the CEO/founder of AtlasRTX. We were talking about when things are not going well at work; there’s something that you need to fix at home first. 

Because sometimes people think: work, work, work, problem, problem, problem, emails, emails, emails, meetings, meetings, meetings, task lists, task lists, task lists. But maybe that’s not the thing that needs to be fixed? Perhaps it’s something else in your personal life. 

So again, I invite you to rate yourself on a scale of one to 10 – 10 being the best – how are you doing in these different areas, mentally, physically, spiritually, work finances, and relationships? If any of those were the level you don’t want them to be, I guarantee it impacts the other pillars.

Improve Your Spiritual Practice To Improve Your Career

So how are you doing these days spiritually? How’s your spiritual practice?

I don’t care about what your religion is. What I’m worried about is, how are you doing spiritually? Are you setting aside time to do your spiritual practices? Are you investing in yourself to have whatever it is that you need to connect with yourself spiritually?

When I talk with my coaching clients, I have noticed when people struggle at work or have a hard time with their finances, or that their relationships at home are off, they realize that they’re not centered and connected with their higher power. Suppose you’re off on your spiritual practice. In that case, it will impact how you’re doing mentally, physically, your work finances, and those other relationships.

When you find yourself feeling like things are a little more chaotic than they need to be in your mind, please take it as an opportunity to stop and evaluate your spiritual practice. Is there something that you need to invest in yourself to have more of that spiritual grounding connection?

Take A Mental Health Day For A Better Career

Do you ever have those moments where you’re going, “I need a mental health day? I’m just going to lose it.” You can absolutely have a mental health day. 

I bet you’ve got vacation time that might even go away if you don’t use it. So take advantage, use that time. It’s going to help you because if you don’t have those mental health days where you can unplug, it can start to make it so that you have a lot less of that ability to handle the stress and the other intense stuff that comes up.

Take Care Of Your Physical State For a Better Career

Psst… Have you gained the pandemic 15? Right? I have. 

People have been home. We’re stress eating; we’re not taking care of ourselves because gyms are locked down or, if it did open, we’re scared to go to the gym, right? Physically you may not be doing so great. And if you’re not doing so great physically, it’s going to make an impact in the other areas of your life.

I know that if you’re not exercising, not eating well, not getting the appropriate amount of sleep, it will affect those other areas to have a well-balanced life. Take care of your body, do what you need to do. 

Now I’m not a doctor, trainer, dietician, or nutritionist. I’m just simply saying, rating yourself, and if you’re below where you want to be, then stop and take a moment and say, “Okay, what do I need to do to fix this?” And go from there.

It can be powerful because as you improve any of these, the others will improve as well. I promise you, they do.

Invest In Your Personal Relationships To Have A Better Career

I miss my friends. I missed getting together and just hanging out and going for a hike or just going for sushi or something. I also miss neighbors, networking events, and get together for conferences. 

If your relationships are off, it’s going to affect the other four pillars. Or mentally, if you’re not doing super great and you’re dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, it’s going to affect the other things too.

When I have talked to many different executives, they feel the stress of distance for themselves and their employees. Don’t push these feelings underneath the carpet. Pull it out. Look at it. 

Let’s talk about it and figure what we can do to keep those relationships going to find a better balance. 

Getting Help with the 5 Pillars

If you want to chat more about these 5 Pillars for a Well-Balanced Life, send me a message. Let’s set up a time to chat and talk about these five areas.

I am happy to talk to you about how you’re doing in those five areas and help youcome up with some actions and plans to make sure that you’re moving forward.