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I love it when other bloggers put together a blog post that sums up what I want to say about a topic… In her article “30 Clothing Items Every Working Woman Needs“, Sylvie Tremblay outlines the key items that all us working women need.

A few of my favorite wardrobe recommendations of my own choosing include:

  • Really nice professional coat
  • Pretty blouses that transition from day to night and across seasons
  • Seasonally appropriate purses
  • Killer pants suit that fits really well (Read: tailored)
  • Variety of jewelry that goes with working in an office – bracelets are a pain!
  • Colorful flats – especially a grass green colored flat!

Ultimately, us ladies have the challenge of building a wardrobe that has variety in it, whereas our working male counterparts get to keep things easy with just sprucing up their suits with some fun accessories. But, I guess we’re just the women to handle the challenge, right ladies?!