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The holiday season is here! There is so much fun and enjoyment for families to share in the holiday cheer! But there is also drama that comes with the holidays… I’ve always wondered why there is so much drama around the holidays?!?

One of your “families”, is your workplace family. And we all know that there is plenty of workplace drama. So, that means more drama during the holidays… because the holidays bring out the drama tenfold!networking-holiday-party

A few suggestions to avoid workplace holiday drama:

  1. Keep your distance. You know those people to avoid, just keep your distance.
  2. Participate in cheer. Aim to say nice things and contribute to positivity.
  3. Reach out. If there’s someone on the team who is more of a loner, bring them a little holiday treat. You’ll make their day and you’ll feel awesome too! (Truthfully you’ll get the better gift in that experience!)

When it comes to the holidays, seek to create the holiday experience you want and avoid the drama!