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How to Increase Productivity in Your Team by Investing in the Individual

(WITHOUT needing any additional technology!)

In this How to Increase Productivity in
Your Team by Investing in the Individual
Masterclass You Will Learn Ways to:

1. Bolster the mindset of your team members

2. Get your team members to be more attentive to their careers today

  1. Build stronger workplace relationships

4. Get centered on the human-to-human connection at work so your team members can be more kind & compassionate to others and themselves

  1. Take steps for your team to have successful careers today at your company

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Register to attend the Masterclass
  • You will get immediate access to this on demand training to help you and your team!
  • After registering, check your email for the link to the on demand training!

2. Click “Let’s Talk” to Book a Consult and Receive a Training and Development Evaluation From Our Master Coach

  • Who has over 24 years of experience and has worked with 1,000s of leaders
  • Helping them to improve their careers and be more productive and satisfied…
  • Focusing on the fundamentals necessary to be an enduring, great leader
  • She will help you become the leader that everyone wants to work for!


Jen did an awesome job helping me discover my personal brand. I was able to get clarity on what I want to be known for and what are my must-haves. Jen guided me in seeing how my strengths are showing up in my career. Jen gave me actionable steps that I can take now which will help me years down the road. Jen really is a great activator!

Robert Kohler

VP, Banking Transformation Manager

Jennifer or Jenn as we call her, was truly a pleasure to work with. She is a personal brand ambassador and optimistically force you to think outside the box. She helped me find my brand and prioritize key aspects of my life and career. I highly recommend her approach, her smart’s, and above all her ability to activate you and your goals. She is a great partner and always willing to empathize and listen before delivering her ideas. Enjoyed every coaching session and learnt something new every time we met. Wishing Jenn super good luck for the future.

Sravan Muthiraj

VP, Chief Product Owner

I cannot overstate the positive impact Jennifer has had on my career. When I first started working with Jen her guidance in personal brand building helped me understand my strengths, and apply them to maximize my leadership potential. I felt more confident with both my colleagues and direct reports alike.

Later, when I moved into an entrepreneurial environment, I reconnected with Jen while the nascent business I was working with was in a period of intense identity crisis. With her guidance I was able to leverage my personal brand to get us back on track and moving towards profitability. Jen is the best!

Joseph Collier Gray

Head of Operations & Product Strategy


May I attend with another leader from my company?

Absolutely! Just have them register separately to ensure they receive all of the course details.

What should my team size be to get the most out of the “How to Increase Productivity in Your Team by Investing in the Individual” masterclass?

Even a team of 2 people will benefit from this masterclass!

My to-do list is long for my company! How will I fit this training in?

If you are growing a team and feel like you are too busy to take training, then you absolutely need to join us. I guarantee you will have multiple “Aha” moments to move your team forward!

Will this work with MY company?

Absolutely. We have worked with clients in many different industries. The bigger question is, “Are you ready to increase your productivity?”

What if my team members are in another training program?

Many of our clients are taking multiple training programs at the same time and they find that our programs fill in the gaps of what they are currently doing and get even better results.

Where and When?

It’s pretty simple! The training is on demand, so the moment you register you will have access to the training.

What’s the investment?

We normally charge $197 for this training but today it’s yours for FREE