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2022 Leadership Review & Insights Recap

As a tech leader, you worked hard in 2022! As we’re closing out 2022, I’m sharing my review with you on the leadership insights gleaned from 100s of coaching calls. The following insights will help you to see how you’re doing as a leader… and perhaps, more importantly, help you to determine what to do differently in 2023!

Some statistics to be aware of

Leaders are fried. I’m pretty sure that the emoji with the brains exploding was created specifically for leaders. DID YOU KNOW:
📌 44% of leaders are planning to move to a new company in order to advance their careers
📌 35% of employees identify their boss as a major source of stress
📌 77% of organizations report that leadership is lacking
📌 5% of companies have implemented leadership development across all levels

Reflecting back on the year of coaching and training leaders

Below are leadership insight and review recap gleaned from the 100s of coaching sessions I’ve conducted.

Leaders who…

Insight #1: …exercise regularly are able to withstand the stress better.

Insight #2: …recognize successes – even small successes – have a better outlook on the future.

Insight #3: …know that they’re terrible in some aspects of leadership are actually more loved by their people.

Insight #4: …know their personal brand, have more clarity and direction on how to show up at work.

Insight #5: …have empathy and spot the mental health challenges for themselves and their teams are winning the day!

Insight #6: There are a lot of Leadership qualities and characteristics that can be identified and championed, but the leadership quality of continuing to invest in your team members is one that employees really want to see more of in 2023. Yes, they want competitive compensation, healthy work place, but they also want Career development opportunities. Therefore, the leaders who develop their employees as a result, had reduce attrition in 2022.

Insight #7: The leaders who are clear on the goals of the company, have teams that are performing better.

Thinking ahead

In conclusion, the leaders who thrived in 2022 were those who invested in themselves and in their team.   Therefore, think ahead to December 2023, what kind of leader do you want to be?  A good way to start would be to  register to attend this free on-demand Masterclass, “How to Increase Productivity in Your Team by Investing in the Individual” (valued at $197) – my 🎁 gift to you as a thank you for being in my network. Also, this is my gift to you as an expression of gratitude that you are choosing to be a leader in these hectic times!

For more information about how coaching can help you become the tech leader everyone wants to work for in 2023, you can reach me here.