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I finally saw The Bee Movie. Such a sweet movie packed with a lot of great messages about life and especially about work.

Being the ever-alert career coach, I picked up on some great life and career lessons to be learned while watching The Bee Movie; including:

  1. Barry Bee questions why bees have to do the same thing for work until they die. = Why not explore different options?
  2. Parents not listening to Barry as he explains that he wants to do something different from what they want him to do = How often do parents not listen to their kids and force their ideas on the kids?
  3. Let go of the tennis ball = When bad things are happening, get out of the way, especially when you’re getting hit at.
  4. Don’t fly in the rain = Know the limitations of and how to best use your talents.
  5. Barry Bee says, ”I want to do my part for the hive, but not the way they want me to do it.” = Communicate your desires for another way to use talents that more closely aligns with your core strengths.
  6. Barry Bee used his stinger in a sword fight with the warehouse worker used the thumb tack. = When fighting for a cause you deeply believe in, use all your tools effectively and especially use your best tool available!
  7. Bee Larry King, local news. = Use PR to communicate your cause.
  8. Shirt, jacket and tie for court. = Image is important for critical meetings.
  9. Adam stung the lawyer to defend his friend = Stand up for what you know is right and support those close to you.
  10. If the bees stop making honey and aren’t pollinating means that the flowers and plants won’t continue to grow. = If you don’t focus on what you do best then who will do your part in the world?
  11. Once Barry Bee knew how important the role of bees to pollinate the flowers and plants, he apologized for his mistake = Know when you make a mistake and own up to it.
  12. Barry tells people, ”Small jobs done well makes a big difference.” = Everyone has an important role, no matter the size.

There were many more interesting lessons learned in The Bee Movie. Check it out for yourself to see all the great pearls of wisdom! Buzzzzzzzzz